There are several advantages of online dating which are illustrated in the following points:

1. Reading a member's online profile allows you to become more knowledgeable about the person and will either increase or decrease your desire to make contact with him or her. It also allows members to screen the other person?s profile first and decide whether that person may be a compatible match.

In order to become a member of an online singles or dating site, you are required to complete a series of questions which is used in facilitating the process of member identification. Members are required to provide general data as physical attributes (ex. hair and eye color, weight, height), age, ethnicity, religious denomination and occupation.

Once they complete the first section, some sites require members to enter more detailed information about themselves such as personality traits, interests and hobbies, musical tastes, and personal beliefs and values. Some dating sites such as eHarmony and require you to do an advanced self-assessment evaluation including likes and dislikes, personality traits, beliefs and values, strengths and weaknesses. By completing this section of the profile, it gives other members a more accurate representation of who that person is.

In addition to the self-assessment evaluation, members are required to list both their ideal qualities and non-desirable traits in a potential mate. Once the profile has been completed, members are ready to begin contacting one another based upon such pertinent information. Each singles site varies in the structure and depth of their member profile questionnaire but the more detailed information a member adds to his or her profile, the greater the contact response rate will be.

2. Viewing member photographs immediately allows one to see whether he or she is physically attracted to another member before making contact with him or her. Most members desire to see how other members appear after reading their profiles particularly if they share similar personality traits and interests. While submitted photographs are not always a true depiction of the person's recent appearance, it will still increase the chances of member contact. By screening another member's pictures online, someone avoids the awkward situation of social rejection if he or she is not physically attracted to another member.

3. After communicating online via e-mail or instant messenger chats, dating websites allow both parties to decide whether they mutually desire to meet in person. It also speeds up the process of acceptance or rejection during preliminary online discussions. If one or both members wish to continue or end contact with the other person, there is the opportunity to express such thoughts in a secure and comfortable environment.

4. In many ways, it is actually safer to meet people online than at a bar or social club because you are given the opportunity of establishing contact and familiarity with other members via e-mail, Instant Messenger chats and telephone before actually meeting them.

5. Another advantage to online dating is the expediency and frequency of contact which is made before meeting other members. They can communicate as slowly or quickly as they desire before they are comfortable meeting the other person. By establishing frequent online contact, members have the opportunity of getting to know one other on a deeper level which often results in a more relaxed atmosphere for social connection.

6. When members communicate online with one another, it is much easier and less confrontational to ask and respond to personal questions than it is in person because they have a greater response time for asking and sharing of information. They also can avoid any awkward nonverbal body language which occurs during face to face meetings.

7. It's ideal for active working people who do not go to bars or social clubs, have difficulty meeting members of the opposite sex, or who have been unsuccessful with other methods of dating.

8. It allows people to surf an unlimited number of dating websites and narrow their search according to their specified interests or hobbies, occupation, geographical location, ethnicity and religious denomination.

In conclusion, the advantages far outweigh the risks of online dating and should be considered as a preferred method of finding a potential mate.

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