I stand in isolation
From a paper doll world
Wearing the skin of peculiarity
Like a polka dot horse
Carrying the buoyant velocity
Of an aesthetic waterfall
Marching to the incongruous beat
Of a matchless drummer
Speaking in the quixotic dialect
Of medieval heroines
I watch from the sidelines of similarity
Silently chuckling at my monochromatic competition
Gathering a medley of materials
I wander off to explore
A psychedelic galaxy
Of boundless inspiration
Where novel ideas and techniques
Are fabricated from concrete shapes and designs
Creating a fusion of convertible images
To express a paradoxical depiction
Of the ingenious psyche
Which transcends the quotidian model
Of artistic composition.


The candle of creativity
Will never be extinguished
There's always a spark left
For dreams to reveal their inner light
Passion to play
Without paralysis or plight
Vision to delineate
What no one else can stimulate
Determination to succeed
In any class or breed
Equanimity to evoke latent emotions
Freedom to express whimsical notions
Courage to soar on higher ground
Desire to make wishes abound
Faith in your God-given gift
Mental power to lift
The obstacles of universal objection
To reach the climax of this ingenious intersection.


Words consume me
Like lemonade on a hot summer day
Quenching my parched psyche
Resuscitating the electrodes of imagination
Producing a literary explosion
Of ideas and concepts
Metaphors and similes
Anecdotes and allegories
Until all of the elements
Randomly synthesize
To form a picturesque masterpiece
Of vivid character sketches
Unified with a striking thematic structure
Jolting the reader
Into a state of undefined exhilaration
Creating an extensive vision
For things that exist beyond
The realm of universal speculation.


Writing has always been my lifelong passion
It is an exceptional art that will never go out of fashion
From the moment my tiny hand
Penciled simple letters on a straight line
I began to emerge from an uncultivated land
In search of a literary goldmine.

Hungrily forming words into sentences
Paragraphs into pages
Igniting each of the five senses
Through acute observations and concrete images
Exploding with fanciful ideas and dreams
Ready to create brilliantly dramatic schemes
That will emotionally charge readers
With unexpected excitement and surging fear
Unfettered euphoria and boundless tears.

There’s no turning back from my destined dream
No matter what comes my way
I will never stray
From the crossroads of creativity
For a solitary second
I am on a journalistic journey
To accomplish what has never been done
By seizing this extraordinary opportunity
Of carrying my prized passion
To the pinnacle of unparalleled success.

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