I sat for endless hours
That evening
At the Santa Lucia Station
Waiting for him to arrive
Yearning to reignite
The flame
Of unquenchable desire
Which began
Twenty years ago
While riding a gondola
Along the Grand Canal
In Venice
Eating pasta
On the balcony
Of an Italian villa
Watching Carmen
At the Verona amphitheater
Strolling the bustling streets
Of Rome
Touring ancient ruins
At the Colosseum and Panthenon
And waltzing by the moonlit bank
Of the Riveria
Finally, he appears
Like a misty shadow
In the cool night air
The way he did back then
First, touching my heart
Then a piece of my soul
He whisks me away
Into a romantic wonderland
Where time stands still
And love dawns anew.


My whole body is enveloped by the softness of your kiss
The radiant smile placed across your face
Your chocolate heart eyes simply melt my heart
Like the showering of a candy land rainbow
Your silky brown hair as it tickles against my cheek
And your strong arms embrace me when I am weak
The touch of your tender hand
The way you always understand
Thoughtful and caring
Never too daring
You know what I need
And how to succeed
You lend an ear to listen
Making me laugh when I feel like crying
You're my faithful companion
Who will never abandon
Our abiding love that we've shared
All through the years, I shall never let you go
I will always love you so,
In body, soul, and spirit.


What can I say about a man
Who exemplifies the model of fatherhood?
A man who possesses admirable traits beyond measure:
Loving and compassionate
Caring and patient
Generous and humble
Strong and unwavering
Optimistic and happy go lucky
Friendly and funny
Energetic and adventurous
Intelligent and industrious
Loyal and sincere
Respectable and wise.
As I look back upon the years
I remember countless shared moments
From adolescence to adulthood:
Whether it was being an Indian Princess father
Flying a homemade kite or competing in the balsa derby races.
Lending a helping hand with challenging math and science homework
Or figuring out my taxes and finances.
Setting up the porch with haunted creatures
And spooky music on Halloween night
Dressing up in a scary costume
And ghoulishly greeting the neighborhood children with tricks or treats.
Rising early to cook and carve the Thanksgiving turkey.
Happily putting up the Christmas tree
And stringing copious strands of lights, tinsel and ornaments.
Arduously building a little girl's dollhouse in time for Christmas Day
Dressing up in a red Santa Suit
Merrily handing out fireplace stockings and Christmas tree presents.
Hiding colored eggs and candy-filled baskets
Around the house on Easter morning.
Grilling steaks and hamburgers for backyard picnics
Contentedly planting spring flowers or raking autumn leaves
Celebrating birthdays with singing, cake, and a gala of gifts.
Howling during rip-roaring comedies
Or sitting on the edge of your seat
During suspense thrillers and Survivor episodes.
Traveling together on fun-filled family vacations
Swimming in the pool or playfully bouncing in the ocean waves
Taking me out for a day of shopping or restaurant dining
Patiently teaching me to ride a bicycle or drive a car
Watching me graduate from high school and college
Providing me with an excellent academic education.
During life's trials and struggles, you lovingly protected and comforted me
And cheered me on in my joys and triumphs.
Through everything we share together
You always continue to love, nurture and support me.
I am so thankful to have you in my life
And could not be more proud to call you my father
For all that you do and the remarkable man you represent.


Muddled memories
Randomly flashing
In a mind of harbored indifference
Flashing bits and pieces
Of a life that once mattered
A fastened heart
That no longer pulsates with zeal
A vision that no longer sees
Past the perimeter of possibility
Instinctive desires
Which have no place for pleasure
Accumulated knowledge
That has proven to be futile
An ambitious appetite
That has lost its zest
A frigid soul
That no longer feels
The warmth of a happy existence.


Right from the very start,
There was always a special place for you in my heart
On the first day that we met
I knew you would not be one that I'd soon forget
Your dreamy brown eyes gaze deeply into mine
As you lean close, our lips are intertwined
For our love sustains life's rips and creases
Our souls fit together like puzzle pieces
You murmur words of devoted adoration
And recite verses of love's celebration
Always in my sight and forever on my mind
You are a ray of light who's never hard to find
Love embraces us wherever we are
Like the constant sparkle of a heavenly star
Midnight stroll through St. Honorine's Park
Etchings of love engraved on tree bark
Cuddled by the fireplace on frigid winter nights
Running along summer's seashore
Flying our heart-shaped kites
When we reach our final destination
We shall eternally savor one another's lingering sensation
We are linked together as soul mates
For love never waits
But continues to last with each spiritual breath
During life and especially after death.


We ride the tides of love
Like the soaring wings of a dove
Sometimes we gracefully land
Like seashells washing up on the sand
Other times we fall like a drop of a ball
We are caught like a ship in the storm
When changes take form
Not able to discern which way to turn
Only when we are tossed to and fro
Do we decide to take hold of our woe:
It's either black or white, fight or flight
If we can weather things out,
Then we'll eliminate any doubt
Of what our love is all about.
If our hearts are open wide
Then our passion won't divide
For I know our love is true
It can only renew
With each passing year of "I Do"
You are my shining star
Who never lingers far
You always keep me safe at bay
No matter what comes our way
What we have sown is truly sublime
It is one of a kind
Forever mine, you'll always be
I know you will agree
That our love is a perfect harmony.


Death cannot erase the magical moments we have built
Even the ones that caused us grief and guilt
We shared not only our lifetime goals
But revealed the passionate yearnings of our inner souls
There was never a doubt in my mind that you were the man to marry
You shouldered burdens that no one else could carry
People entered and exited our daily lives
But you always remained as faithful as the morning sunrise
Our children obtained values and morals from a nurturing father
While others could not find the time to bother
When the puppy's tail got caught in the car door
You rushed him to the vet to alleviate his excruciating soar
If Sarah got stumped on a math problem
You would help her figure it out using a logical system
When Josh finished building a model airplane
You accompanied him to the airfield
Watching him control its aerial flight in the teeming rain
When we had our matrimonial squabbles
You never ended the day with harsh words or bloodcurdling yells
But lovingly blanketed me with forgiveness and understanding
And quickly released the dispute like a baby starling
You accepted me whether I came from poverty or wealth
And took extra care of me in sickness and in health
You believed in my strengths and abilities
And did not mock me for my weaknesses and calamities
You comforted me in life’s darkest hours
And celebrated memorable moments with sweets and flowers
Though our golden years have given us grizzled hair and furrowed lines
We shall continue to look beautiful in our youthful minds
I would not trade you for an instant
For you are a rare mint.


A mother is one who is always there
Through thick and thin.

On sunny and gloomy days
During moments of happiness and sorrow
Hope and uncertainty
She never ceases to demonstrate
The maternal love she was born to give
Through her generous and humble acts.

Whether it's a warm embrace
A radiant smile
Kind and gentle words
Or offering a listening ear
No matter how small or great their needs become,
A mother continues to care for her family.

Even as the children grow older
And go their separate ways
She never stops showing compassion and concern.

Looking out for their best interests
Always walking beside them

To offer advice and encouragement
Wisdom and patience
Throughout life's circumstances and challenges.

Flowing with abundant love and gentleness
Courage and strength
Understanding and integrity
Joy and laughter.

A mother is the selfless person
We all admire
And desire to be.

In honor of every woman who is a mother.
We celebrate your special presence this very Mother's Day!

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