On Thanksgiving Day, a cold brisk wind begins to blow while fallen autumn leaves turn frosted white. Our family takes a leisurely country ride in a horse-drawn carriage jubilantly we sing Come Ye Thankful People Come and Over the River and Through the Wood.

We approach Grandma and Grandpa's farmhouse who rush to the door to greet us with abundant hugs and kisses. The table is brightly decorated with an overflowing cornucopia of dried flowers, Indian corn, gourds, and pumpkins. The table's centerpiece consists of a miniature turkey, pilgrim and Indian standing beside two orange and yellow candlesticks.

Everyone is seated at the table, ready for the Thanksgiving feast to begin. Soon, Grandpa brings in a giant turkey stuffed with all of the delicious trimmings which he immediately carves into juicy slices. Grandma and Mama bring out heaping hot dishes of mashed potatoes with gravy, buttered corn, green bean casserole, and acorn squash. Scoops of cranberry sauce and fruit salad quickly land on china plates while baskets of buttermilk biscuits, pumpkin and cranberry bread soon disappear from sight.

Before we partake in this bountiful feast, we all hold hands and say a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for this blessed harvest, the love we share with one other, and all of our needs that God provides us. We also fondly remember loved ones who have passed away, and our cherished memories of them.

After the blessing has been received, we hungrily dig into our bountiful feast eating plates full of delicious Thanksgiving treats. The jovial banter of children and nostalgic conversations of adults makes the meal even more wonderful. Before everyone's belly is stuffed, we await the delectable arrival of pumpkin and apple pies topped with spoonfuls of light whipped cream.

Later, we all return to the parlor to hear Grandma play lively tunes on the piano. Mamma and the girls sing along in unison while Grandpa, Papa and the boys put together pieces in a giant jigsaw puzzle. The hearth's crimson orange flames are aglow warming our hearts with happiness and comfort. The collie lies serenely on a woven rug dreaming of tomorrow's canine adventures.

As we depart from Grandma and Grandpa's house that joyous evening, we say good-bye and thank them for sharing Thanksgiving with us. In our hearts and minds, we look ahead to the coming year when we can gather together to share in God's bountiful feast once again.

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